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Dan & Joi LaChaussee

Artists’ Statement

Dan & Joi LaChaussee Blown Glass

From their home based studio on Whidbey Island, the family glass blowing team creates from molten glass, objects of art that reflect the LaChausees’ skills and innovation. Every piece is mouth blown and hand shaped, using a variety of traditional and innovative contemporary techniques. Dan, Joi and Aaron LaChaussee demonstrate through their art, that quality, beauty and originality are forever possible.

“We hope the play of light, color and shape reflect the enjoyment in the art of making the piece.”

To imagine, explore and create lasting expressions in glass art is Dan & Joi LaChaussee’s constant focus.  The LaChaussees challenge shapes, colors and techniques to convert the liquid light into a solid form of original glass.  Their art is an evolution, which reflects their tireless desire and personal touch. The result they hope, is to accomplish an art form that will make a lasting statement in any home or business.

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